Not Tossed, Not Rolled

Everyone making pizza has the same problem. Must make the round ball flat. Some throw the dough in the air, some use a rolling pin, and many chains run their dough through a machine called a sheeter.

Hand stretched pizza dough

At Naked Pizza we press our dough out by hand, carefully stretching the dough as we rotate it to get an even crust.

Throwing dough requires a dough with elasticity that just doesn’t seem natural and the sheeter just doesn’t seem very friendly. Who wants to eat something that just came out of the sheeter anyway?

Hand pressed. That’s our process and we’re sticking with it.



  1. tried your pizza for the first time tonight . as a pizza lover and healthy eater i was exited to give it a go . was very happy with it and will def go back for more . good job . best delivery pizza in my area that ive tried so far .

    By cormac mc grady on Mar 05, 2013

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