Princeton Pizza Delivery


So, Princeton students, you’re with a group of people from your class working on a project, and you all decide you’re absolutely starving, but you really have to get your work done. What are you going to do? Put aside what you’re doing to go eat, or move everything you’ve been working on to a restaurant? Send someone out to pick up something for the group? Why waste time? Then, you realize your best option: pizza delivery! Why don’t you order Naked Pizza and have it delivered to your study session? It’s better for you than those other pizza chains. There isn’t going to be any of that regret or sugar crash an hour later. Actually, let’s just go ahead and call it “brain food”, because that’s what it is. Our ingredients are all natural, fresh, and made from quality grains, fiber, and probiotics. No need to study up on what that means… it means everything we put into our pizzas is good for you. In case you need more inspiration, here are some other good ideas about when to order Naked Pizza:

  1. Study Sessions: always made better by pizza. That’s just a fact.
  2. Open Late: We’re open until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Late night? Let us deliver.
  3. Why Cook?: We deliver to dorms and apartments, so whether you can’t cook, or just don’t want to, we’ll handle it for you.
  4. Weather: Is it raining? Is it cold? Is it hot? Do you just not want to brave going out in any sort of weather no matter what it is? If so, let us deliver a fresh pizza to you.
  5. Leftovers: We think pizza literally makes the best leftovers ever. And that has probably been proven somewhere.

The fact is, pizza delivery is probably the greatest innovation of our time. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it’s tasty (among other things). Reward yourself for those long library sessions, hardcore flashcard making, and just sitting through that lecture when you’d much rather be anywhere else.

Of course, there are a million more reasons, and none of them are limited to Princeton students. Now that we’ve got you wanting pizza, why don’t you go ahead and order one? You can order online here or give us a call at 609-924-4700.


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